Chapter 2: Text

  1. An Event Apart 2008 survey
  2. Online HTML5 outliner tool
  3. JavaScript implementation of the HTML5 outlining algorithm
  4. :-moz-any() selector grouping mechanism
  5. Video: Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility (YouTube)
  6. WebAIM screenreader users' survey
  8. Matt Wilcox: HTML5 wrapping anchor behaviour
  9. Remy Sharp: Firefox vomit bug
  10. Estelle Weyl: section/article analogy (lots of other goodies, too)
  11. The Guardian
  12. (HTML5 validator)
  13. cross-reference in the spec of HTML5 and ARIA
  14. Steve Faulkner: list of ARIA information that is not built-in to HTML5
  15. Jason Kiss: A note on screenreaders: recent test
  16. NVDA screen reader
  17. Gez Lemon: Introduction to WAI-ARIA
  18. The Paciello Group blog
  19. ARIA spec
  20. <details>: Remy's clever faking script
  21. HTML5 element categories and content models: HTML5 shiv
  22. Stuart Langridge: Searchhi script (and my HTML5 version)
  23. Daniel Davis: The HTML5 <ruby> element in words of one syllable or less
  24. <cite>: Jeremy Keith's 24 Ways article
  25. tabindex="-1": Juicy Studio article with more information
  26. <embed> used for Flash, statistics
  27. <keygen>: