Errata for Chapter 1

1,2 editions, Page 2

The link to regarding the utf-7 security risk doesn't work any more. See instead.[January 2012]

2nd edition, Page 10, sidebar "why oh why is there no <content> element?

Now there is! It's called <main>. Use it once per page (like ARIA's role="main" to surround your main content, eg don't include header, footer, main nav etc.) The spec says:

The main content area of a document includes content that is unique to that document and excludes content that is repeated across a set of documents such as site navigation links, copyright information, site logos and banners and search forms (unless the document or applications main function is that of a search form) …

Authors are advised to use ARIA role="main" attribute on the main element until user agents implement the required role mapping.